Playing Outside

Playing Outside

August 24, 2014

Newsletter 8.25.14

A note from Room 121 …

Welcome to Kindergarten!  We had a wonderful first week of school! I would like to thank all of you for your patience during the start of our school year.  I appreciate you making time to come to school during Open House and meet me and Ms. Clausen.  It is great to have the opportunity to meet the families and students before the first day of school.  I am very excited about the new school year, and have many exciting things planned.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me ( or call me (228-2228 ext. 121).  I try to check my email a couple of times throughout the day.  I do not answer my phone during instruction but do check my voice mail after school.

Mark your calendars for our Parent Orientation Night on September 4th from 7:00-8:00pm.  You will learn all about our classroom, homework procedures, and volunteer opportunities.   If you would like to participate in field trips or volunteer at school you may attend the confidentiality training right before Parent Orientation starting at 6:30 in the school gym.  You must attend the confidentiality training in order to volunteer. 

We are going to begin reading homework this week.  Please read with/to your child for at least 10 minutes every night.  Record the title(s) of the book(s) you read on your child’s blue Weekly Planner. 

*Please help your kindergartener learn their lunch and bus number! 
*It’s time for all kindergartners to practice tying their own shoes.  Thanks for your help with this at home! 
*Send in a healthy snack and water bottle every day!
*Be sure to sign and return your students planner every day!

Dates to Remember
- August 29: Scrapbooks & Class T-Shirt Orders Due
- September 4: Parent Orientation Night
- September 10: Early Release Day

What are we learning?
Reading Workshop
We are learning what strong readers do!  Strong readers read every day, think and talk about the books they read, read everything in sight, and read different types of texts for different reasons. 

Writing Workshop
This week, we are learning that we are all writers and how to use our Writer’s Notebooks.  On Friday, we are writing our first entry in our Family Journals.  Please take time over the weekend to read your child’s letter to you and respond. 

Word Study
This week, we will explore the letters Mm and Bb. Ask your child about the letter sound chants for both.  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: and & the.  Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

We are going to be exploring the different math tools that we have in our classroom.  We will be using these tools throughout the year, so students will begin to learn the names, how to handle them and how each tool will help them with math! 

Social Studies
This week we will begin learning about the 7 Habits of a Happy Kid.  We will focus on the following habits: 

Habit 1 — Be Proactive
You're in Charge
Focus for Students: I am a responsible person. I take initiative. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I do not blame others for my wrong actions. I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.

Habit 2 — Begin with the End in Mind
Have a Plan
Focus for Students: I plan ahead and set goals. I do things that have meaning and make a difference. I am an important part of my classroom and contribute to my school’s mission and vision. I look for ways to be a good citizen.

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