Playing Outside

Playing Outside

December 11, 2010

December 13, 2010

A note from Ms. Poteet…

Our class Winter Celebration is scheduled for December 17th.  Kids are permitted to bring a special sweet treat and drink (NO soft drinks please) to eat at the party.  Kids are not allowed to share treats or drinks due to allergies.

We do not have school for the next two weeks!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful winter break! 

I would love to take a little time to thank our terrific classroom volunteers.  Thanks to Ms. Skelton and Ms. Roberts for being our fabulous room parents.  Thanks to Ms. Zimmerman, Ms. Kastman, Mr. Kastman, Ms. Skelton, Ms. Roberts, and Ms. Pennybaker for volunteering every week to help our kids learn to read.  Thanks to Ms. Roberts, Ms. Skelton, Ms. Crosiar, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Esterle, Ms. Pitchford, Ms. Monarch, Ms. Clingerman, Ms. Jordan, Ms. Zimmerman, Ms. Middleton, Ms. Edward, and Ms. Kastman for chaperoning our field trips.  Thanks to all parents who have provided endless support at home to help your child get ready for school each day and complete nightly homework assignments.  Your support at home definitely shows at school because all of the kids are making tremendous progress as learners and as good citizens in our school community.  Thanks for all you do!

Our class is participating in the annual Husky Holiday Sing-Along!  Kinderpups are going to lead the school in singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town!  For added fun, we decided to dress like Santa.  Please help your child buy, find, or make a Santa hat and wear red or black to school on Wednesday, December 15thWe will make Santa beards at school.  Children will be allowed to wear their Santa hats all day.  We are really looking forward to this exciting event!  (Helpful hint:  I was at Dollar Store last week and they had Santa hats galore for $1). 
Look for your child’s persuasive letter to Santa in the Oldham Era on December 23rd!  The kids worked really hard and are eager to be local “celebrities.”

If your family signed up to donate an item for the Husky Helping House, please the item in by December 15, 2010.  We will be wrapping the gifts with Ms. Whitley’s class on Thursday.  If you have a knack for wrapping and would like to help us, please send me an e-mail.  Our wrapping party will be at 10:20-10:50. 

As of Monday, December 13th students will NOT be permitted to go to the cafeteria to purchase a snack during snack time.  Please have your child bring a snack from home.  Several students have been “forgetting” their snack recently and have been asking to go to the cafeteria.  Often they come back with Fruit-Roll Up, Doritos, or other unhealthy snacks.  Later we find their snack from home reappears in their coat pocket or under their folders in their cubby. 

What are we learning?
Reading Workshop
We are continuing our author study on Jan Brett.  We are going to read several of her books and make text-to-text connections to each of the books.   

Writing Workshop
This week we are practicing writing friendly letters.  Remember to look for your child’s Santa letter in the Oldham Era on December 23rd.   Family journals will NOT be sent home on Friday. 

Word Study
This week, we will explore the word families –ug, -ut, -un, um.  Ask your child about the word family chants for all three.  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: not, were, like. Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

In math we are learning to how to use calculators and make shapes with our bodies and string.

Social Studies
We are continuing our unit on Celebrations around the World.  This week we will learn about Christmas and Advent.

*Send in a healthy peanut-free snack and water bottle (with a pull up spout) every day.
* Our classroom gets very chilly sometimes.  Please send in a light jacket or sweater for your child to keep in their back pack. 
* Sign your child’s weekly planner every night!
* Library book due every Friday!

Related Arts Schedule
Monday                      Music
Tuesday                     Music
Wednesday               PE
Thursday                   PE
Friday                         PE

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