Playing Outside

Playing Outside

January 28, 2011

January 31, 2011

A note from Ms. Poteet…

I am not sure we are going to ever get back to our regular schedule.  Hopefully this week we can come to school every day! 

We really like sharing what we do in class by bringing family journals each week.  The students love showing off their hard work!  Please make sure you are looking through their notebooks and discussing what they are learning in school.  Then, make sure it is placed back in their backpack to bring back to school.  Our journals are very important learning logs that show amazing growth by the end of the year.  Hope you are enjoying them!

Please help your child learn how to tie their shoes at home!  Our goal is for all kids to learn how to tie their shoes before going to first grade!

Due to the snow day last week, our new 100th day of school will be February 7th (depending on no more snow days)!  Please have your child wear their 100th day of school shirt to school on the 7th (see below for more information).

100th Day Project

Our class has been adding one number for each school day to our Growing Number Line.  The 100th day of school is coming up soon, and it will be a major celebration!

One of the things we will do to celebrate is to hold a “100th Day Fashion Show.”  Please help your child glue, safety pin, or sew 100 things on a plain t-shirt.  Children have been thinking about things they could glue to their shirt including buttons, beads, pennies, paper clips, cereal, etc.  Be as creative as possible!  We have been talking about ways to count the collections without losing track of the numbers.  Making groups of 10 is a good way to count and display the objects. 

Children may need a little help gathering materials, but they should be able to do most of the counting themselves. 

Please have your child wear their 100th day t-shirt to school on February 2nd (may change if we have any snow days)!


Important Dates this Month:
February 7th: 100th Day of School! 
February 11th: Kindergarten Writing Celebration from 11:05-11:30am.  Please make all efforts to attend!  If you will not be able to attend, please send me an e-mail so I can try to have a special friend from school (siblings, husky hideout employee, Ms. Horn, etc) read with your child. 
February 14th: Class Valentine’s Party
February 21st: No School- President’s Day
February 23rd: Early Release Day
February 25th: Mega Skills Assembly
March 2nd: Progress Reports Come Home

What are we learning?
Reading Workshop
We are starting our Developmental Reading Assessments (DRA) this week.  While I am assessing the kids, Ms. Theresa will be review various reading concepts including metacognition, schema, connections, and questioning.

Writing Workshop
This week we will continue working on our All About Me books.  The kids are so excited about writing a book all about themselves and their family!  Our Writing Celebration will be held on Friday, February 11th at 11:05 am in the school library.  They cannot wait for you to read them.  Family journals will be sent home on Friday.  Please take time over the weekend to read your child’s letter to you and respond. 

Word Study
This week, we will explore short vowels, focusing on CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant words; examples- cat, hot, wet, hum).  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: yes, no, big. Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

In math, we are continuing to learn about nonstandard and standard units of measurement, learning to count by 5s, and use tallies to count.
Everyday Math Home Link
Family Note:
-      Collecting data helps children count, sort, compare, and record information.  In school, we are learning about using tally marks to record data.  Explore data collection with your child by using tally marks to record the color of cars in your neighborhood.

What car color do you think is the most popular?  Make a guess, and then count car colors in your neighborhood (If most people in your neighborhood keep their cars in their garage, count house color).  Use tally marks to record as you count.    

Social Studies
For the next couple of weeks we will be learning all about the five senses and associated body parts (sight-eyes, hearing-ears, smell-nose, taste-tongue, touch-skin).  This week we are going to focus on our sight and touch.   

*Send in a healthy peanut-free snack and water bottle (with a pull up spout) every day.
* Our classroom gets very chilly sometimes.  Please send in a light jacket or sweater for your child to keep in their back pack. 
* Sign your child’s weekly planner every night!
* Library book due every Friday!

Related Arts Schedule
Monday                      Music
Tuesday                     Music
Wednesday               Music
Thursday                   Music
Friday                         PE

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