Playing Outside

Playing Outside

March 5, 2011

March 7, 2011

A note from Ms. Poteet…

Thanks to all of the parents who signed up for parent-teacher conferences!  Parent-teacher communication is key to student success!  Conferences also give me a chance to gloat on your child!  If you have any questions about what is going at school, never hesitate to call me! 

Important Dates this Month:
March 9th & 10th: Kindergarten Registration
March 15th: Class and Individual Pictures
March 17th: Irish Dancer Performance in the Gym
March 23rd: Early Release Day
March 24th: Louisville Science Center Field Trip
April 4th-8th: Spring Break

What are we learning?
Reading Workshop
March 2nd was Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  This week we are going to read several of Dr. Seuss’s books and complete activities to go along with each book. 

Writing Workshop
We are finishing up our ABC books this week.   Family journals will be sent home on Friday.   Please take time over the weekend to read your child’s letter to you and respond. 

Word Study
This week, we will explore the consonant blends: pr, tr, dr, br, cr, fr, gr.  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: put, too, where.  Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

In math, learning to measure time, skip count by 2 on a calculator, create movement patterns, and continuing to learn about halves.   
Everyday Math Home Link
Family Note:
Counting by numbers larger than 1 can make counting more efficient and help children recognize and understand number patterns.  These skills are beneficial in later grades.  In school, we call this skip counting.  Children are learning to skip count by 2s, 5s, and 10s.  Look for opportunities to help your child practice skip counting.

Counting by 2s
-      Look for things around the house that come in pairs (socks, shoes, eyes, and mittens).  You can count the pairs by 2s.
Counting by 5s
-      Count the fingers in your family by 1s.  Now count them by 5s.  Count the nickels in your money jar by 5s, too.
Counting by 10s
-      You’ve had lots of practice counting fingers by 10s.  Now count toes.  Try to count dimes by 10s, too.    

Social Studies
We are continuing our unit on Presidents and American Symbols.  We learn about the Statue of Liberty, the Pledge of Allegiance, the White House, and the Liberty Bell.

*Send in a healthy peanut-free snack and water bottle (with a pull up spout) every day.
* Our classroom gets very chilly sometimes.  Please send in a light jacket or sweater for your child to keep in their back pack. 
* Sign your child’s weekly planner every night!
* Library book due every Friday!

Related Arts Schedule
Monday                      PE
Tuesday                     PE
Wednesday               PE
Thursday                   Art
Friday                         Art

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