Playing Outside

Playing Outside

December 2, 2011

December 5, 2011

A note from Ms. Poteet…

On Tuesday we are going to visit the Book Fair at 12:00.  Parents are welcome to attend and eat lunch prior to visiting the Book Fair (at 11:32) if they would like.  If you would like your child to purchase books please send in a check made out to Harmony Elementary or send in cash.  A flyer containing some of the books that will be available at the Book Fair was sent home last week in the Wednesday Folder.

Our class Christmas Party is scheduled for December 16th at 8:30 am.  Parents are welcome to volunteer to help out.  Please contact or at 502-381-1799 for more information about volunteering.  Students will need to bring a picture of themselves and a special sweet treat for the party

Look for your child’s persuasive letter to Santa in the Oldham Era on December 22nd!  The kids worked really hard and are eager to be local “celebrities.”

What are we learning?
Reading Workshop
We are starting our author study on Jan Brett.  We are going to read several of her books and make text-to-text connections to each of the books.   

Writing Workshop
This week we are practicing writing persuasive letters.  Remember to look for your child’s Santa letter in the Oldham Era on December 22nd.    Family journals will be sent home on Friday.  Please take time over the weekend to read your child’s letter to you and respond. 

Word Study
This week, we will explore the word families –et, -eg, -en.  Ask your child about the word family chants for all three.  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: did, what, see. Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

In math we are learning to use a number line to solve addition and subtraction problems, skip counting by tens, making and extending patterns using pattern blocks, and practicing using counters to solve addition problems.

Social Studies
The students are going to be overjoyed that we are starting our unit on Holidays around the World.  We will discuss our own holiday traditions and learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the legend of the poinsettia. 

*Send in a healthy peanut-free snack and water bottle (with a pull up spout) every day.
* Our classroom gets very chilly sometimes.  Please send in a light jacket or sweater for your child to keep in their back pack. 
* Sign your child’s weekly planner every night!
* Library book due every Friday!

Related Arts Schedule
Monday                      Art
Tuesday                     Music
Wednesday               Music
Thursday                   Music
Friday                         Music

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