Playing Outside

Playing Outside

August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

A note from Ms. Poteet…

Remember… our Parent Orientation Night on August 30th from 6:30-8:00pm.  The first half hour (6:30-7:00) is confidentiality training in the gym.  If you plan on volunteering in any capacity, you must have this training. Afterward, you will be sent to the classroom. You will learn all about our classroom, homework procedures, and volunteer opportunities.  This is the best way to prepare yourself for the upcoming year- attendance isn’t mandatory, but…. You should be there!  Remember, this is for parents; no little ones please!  If you have more than one child, you will have time to visit the other classrooms.

Don’t forget to send in a healthy snack and water bottle every day! 

Does your child know how to tie their shoes? Again, now your child is at the perfect age to learn.  Help your child gain confidence through independence.

What are we learning?
 Reading Workshop
We are reading many of the wonderful stories written by Eric Carle.  We will also write our own class book, “Hero, Hero, What do you see?”  If you have Eric Carle books at home, this would be a perfect time to use them as your night time stories!

Writing Workshop
This week, again, we are learning that we are all writers and how to use our Writer’s Notebooks.  Our first week of Family Journals was a success!  Please take time over the weekend to read your child’s letter to you and respond.  If you have your child’s Family Journal at home still, please make sure to return it soon. 

Handwriting instruction will focus on developing fine motor skills as well as the proper formation of the following letters:  R, r, S, and s. 

Word Study
This week, we will explore the letters Rr and Ss. Ask your child about the letter sound chants for both.  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: a, to, in.  Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

We are learning how to use linear measurements as a way to compare objects, and comparing coins by attributes.
Everyday Math Home Links
When children are read to, they learn to love books and want to become readers.  In a similar way, children develop positive feelings about mathematics by sharing pleasurable experiences as they count, measure, compare, estimate, and discover patterns in everyday life.

 Kindergarten Home Links provide a guide to a variety of activities that parents and children can share in a spirit of exploration and enjoyment, much as they share interesting stories. 


Count the steps you need to walk from the sidewalk to the front door (or any two places).  Try to walk the same distance with fewer steps or more steps.  Get into the counting habit!  When you take a walk, try hopping, skipping, jumping, or sidestepping a certain number of times.

Family Note: Take a moment to look at the Family Note.  Then, together with your child, read and do the activity described below. 

Your children are learning that they are readers.  As you drive though the community, encourage them to read the street and business signs that they know.  When you are at the grocery store, encourage them to read the brand names that they recognize.  They’ll feel great about themselves, and you’ll get a kick out of seeing how excited they are to read.

 Social Studies
Teamwork is our MegaSkill this month, and that is our focus in class, as well.  We will engage in fun activities that teach teamwork.

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