Playing Outside

Playing Outside

September 9, 2012

September 10, 2012

A note from Ms. Poteet
We went to the library for the first time last Thursday for Library Orientation.  We will be going again on Monday for our last orientation session.  We will visit the library again on Wednesday for our first official library check out day.  Your child will be able to check out a new book every Wednesday.  You child is welcome to keep their library book for two weeks, so they don’t have to check out a new book every Wednesday.  As I explained at Parent Orientation, your child may check out a new book in the morning before school any day of the week after they finish their Morning Work.

Please send a special snack that your child can use to practice counting on Tuesday.  Some suggestions include; pretzels, goldfish, carrots, etc.  This special snack will count as their regular snack too.

Thursday is Picture Day!  Pictures will be taken from the shoulder up.  These picture will be used for the yearbook.  You are welcome to send a change of clothes in your child's book bag. 

·         Add the new sight words to the ring at the beginning of the week.  There will be 3 new words each week.  These rings should stay inside your students take home folder in case we want to use them in class!  
·         Please continue to practice your student’s lunch number, it helps the cafeteria if they all know their numbers!
·         In the middle of September, I will begin “Shoe Tying Awards” for those who know how to tie their own shoes.  Practice, practice!  J

What are we learning?

 Reading Workshop
We are learning how to find books and put them away in our classroom library.  We will learn how to do a picture walk of books and what good readers do while reading.  Students will be introduced to their own book bins in their cubbies!

Writing Workshop
This week we are learning how to use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and periods at the end!  We will continue practicing stretching our words and listening for sounds that we know!   Be sure to look for those family journals on Friday.  They sure loved reading your responses!

Handwriting instruction will focus on developing fine motor skills as well as the proper formation of the following letters:  N, n, P and p.

Word Study
This week, we will explore the letters Nn and Pp. Ask your child about the letter sound chants for both.  We will also learn how to read and write these words that will be added to our Word Wall: you, of, is.  Have your child sing you the songs for these words.

This week we are learning how to count numbers in the same sequence and understand that numbers tell us how much of how many.  Students will learn what numbers are for and when they are useful.

Everyday Math Home Links
When children are ready to, they learn to love books and want to become readers.  In a similar way, children develop positive feelings about mathematics by sharing pleasurable experiences as they count, measure, compare, estimate, and discover patterns in everyday life.
 Kindergarten Home Links provide a guide to a variety of activities that parents and children can share in a spirit of exploration and enjoyment, much as they share interesting stories. 
The reward for young children is not mathematics will not be a puzzling abstraction but will make sense to them as part of their real world.
Take a moment to look at the Family Note.  Then, together with your child, read and do the activity described below. 
Family Note:
Children enjoy counting things.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to practice this skill.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how counting things brings about many playful and productive mathematics activities.  Counting hops, skips, jumps, and sidesteps helps children develop counting skills as well as coordination. 
Count the steps you need to walk from the sidewalk to the front door (or any two places).  Try to walk the same distance with fewer steps or with more steps! 
Get in the counting habit! When you take a walk, try hopping, skipping, jumping, or sidestepping a certain number of times!

 This week we will begin our Science unit on Seasons and Weather.  Students will learn about the four seasons, weather and the sun! 
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